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New opensource to replace long "Getting Started"s forever

· 3 min read

Do you find long readmes/wikis with complicated setup instructions frustrating?

So Do I :)

Instead of writing down long instructions with prerequisites, installation command, configuration changes and all this with operation system variations notes - let's create an amazing experience for the people who needs the software you created. No one cares about the "steps" along the way, just make it happen.

So I created CoCMD. A simple and open cli app to make the onboarding and playbooks experience amazing.

How does it look?

Let's take for example our Kubernetes package. I created several onboarding and playbooks that can be useful.

Image description


It's important to talk about specific "stories" where the benefit of using CoCMD is obvious.

Project Onboarding

Onboarding new hires is a very important process in any company. It's the first impression that the new hire gets from the company and it's the first impression that the company gets from the new hire. It's also a very important process for the new hire to get to know the company and the people in it.

Read how to do it with CoCMD Here


Usually, every team has a set of routines and procedures that are executed on a regular basis. This can also be called "playbooks" or "runbooks".

CoCMD can help you automate these routines and make them available to your team.

Read how to do it with CoCMD Here

Codebase CMDOps

Any project can have CMDOps (Command Line Operations). Lets say for example, your project requires some installation steps, or you want to add some shortcuts for your team or community to use.

Read how to do it with CoCMD Here


I created several public CoCMD Packages for Programming, Devops, Databases and general Machine setup. You can visit in or run

cocmd install

What Packages to install?:
> [ ] zsh
[ ] vscode
[ ] jenkins
[ ] impala
[ ] git
[ ] k8s
[ ] python
[ ] osx
[ ] node
[ ] go
[ ] rust
[ ] aws-s3
[ ] docker
[ ] prometheus

and get the full list

Create your own

Now your team/community can run

cocmd install <your-repo>

and get your onboarding and playbooks.

Visit the project website on Visit the github repo on

Help wanted there are interesting issues to work on, help me :)

contact me on