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Onboarding & Playbooks
as code

What can you build?

Great Onboarding experience

Don't let your documentation get out of date. Write and maintain your setup and onboarding procedures as code.

Build Playbooks / Workflows

Create Day-to-day workflows and share them with your team. Oncall procedures, incident response, etc. Makefiles don't cut it anymore...

Motivation: Efficiency!

Use CoCMD to distribute CMD operations as code.

  • No more sending scripts over Slack
  • No more outdated documentation for "cmd instructions"
  • Project onboarding like a pro
  • Full dev team collaboration 💪

Vision: 10x Dev Experience

  • Community Projects: Add your own CMD operations as Opensource. don't let people reinvent the wheel.
  • Teams and Enterprises: Use Git for internal projects and share CMD operations with your team.