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Source Code

Please contribute your k8s playbooks and shortcuts How to contribute?

How To Install?

run in terminal:

cocmd install -y k8s

This package contains 5 playbooks:

k8s.batch-pod-deletion (Any)

Batch delete Pods based on a label

run it with: cocmd run k8s.batch-pod-deletion

k8s.rolling-restart (Any)

Perform a rolling restart of a Deployment

run it with: cocmd run k8s.rolling-restart

k8s.check-pod-restarts (Any)

Check for Pods with restart counts greater than 0

run it with: cocmd run k8s.check-pod-restarts

k8s.backup-configmaps (Any)

Backup all ConfigMaps in a namespace

run it with: cocmd run k8s.backup-configmaps

k8s.setup (Linux, MacOS)

Setup Kubernetes for desktop on Linux

run it with: cocmd run k8s.setup