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CMDOps for your projects

Any project can have CMDOps (Command Line Operations). Lets say for example, your project requires some installation steps, or you want to add some shortcuts for your team or community to use.

What is happening today?

Today, these operations are usually documented in a wiki or a readme page. The community members need to read the documentation and execute the steps manually. This can be very time consuming and error prone.

What can we do better?

Use CoCMD. CoCMD is a tool for keeping Command line shortcuts, sequences and knowhows AS CODE. This means that you can easily share your knowledge with your team and community.

How to create a CMDOps package?

Add to your project a cocmd.yaml file. This file will contain all the CMDOps for your project:

name: my-project
aliases: |
alias coolalias='echo "hi from coolalias"'
alias coolalias2='echo "hi from coolalias"'
- ./bin/
- name: automation-inline-example
description: Automation example inline in cocmd.yaml
- content: |
echo "hi from inline automation step 1"
description: this is step 1
runner: shell
title: step 1
- content: |
echo "hi from inline automation step 2"
description: this is step 2
runner: shell
title: step 2
- name: automation-file-example
file: ./automation-file-example.yaml

Now you can run cocmd install to install all the CMDOps in your project.