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Package Specification


You can create your own CMDOps and share them with your team or community. Use Git to manage your CMDOps and CoCMD to distribute them.

Use our template to get started: Template:

git clone

change cocmd.yaml to your needs:

  • aliases - add your aliases as one big string
  • paths - add paths in the repo to be added to the PATH environment variable
  • automations - add workflows to be executed by CoCMD
name: example-repo
aliases: |
alias coolalias='echo "hi from coolalias"'
alias coolalias2='echo "hi from coolalias"'
- ./bin/
- name: automation-inline-example
description: Automation example inline in cocmd.yaml
- content: |
echo "hi from inline automation step 1"
description: this is step 1
runner: shell
title: step 1
- content: |
echo "hi from inline automation step 2"
description: this is step 2
runner: shell
title: step 2
- name: automation-file-example
file: ./automation-file-example.yaml

Package strucutre