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The binary executable is cocmd.

Downloadable releases here

Step 1 - Install CoCMD

Mac - Homebrew

brew install cocmd/tap/cocmd

To update, run

brew upgrade cocmd/tap/cocmd


For a system with Snap installed, run

snap install cocmd


Run this in your terminal:

bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"


Use this option if your architecture is not supported by the pre-built binaries found on the releases page.

First, install Rust (using the recommended rustup installation method) and then

cargo install cocmd

This method will build the binary from source.

To update, run the same command again.


Get it from release page and add to your path Link to Release Page

Step 2 - Add CoCMD to your shell

To add CoCMD to your shell, run the appropriate command in your terminal based on your shell:

For Zsh:

cocmd setup --shell zsh

For Bash:

cocmd setup --shell bash

Alternatively, you can simply run:

cocmd setup

and the setup command will attempt to detect your shell and apply the configuration.

What this does is adding a loader of all aliases and automations shortcuts to your shell and lets you call any of them directly.

Add Packages

You can start right away with cocmd install. See all packages options in Hub.

If you want to create your own read Here